Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre-orders are now live for the "Believe in No Coming Shore" LP! Available will be classic black wax and a more limited "grey swirl" option. Bindrune is also offering a bundle with a t-shirt and patch.

To order in North America through Bindrune Recordings:

To order in Europe / overseas through Nordvis:

Thanks so much for the patience and continued support. Orders will be shipped as soon as they arrive from the plant. Hope you all are well.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hammerheart Brewing's WINTERBLOT FEST

On December 20th, 2014 we'll be performing at  Hammerheart Brewing's WINTERBLOT FESTIVAL at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, celebrating a successful first year at the brewery. There will be a tap takeover as well as a fest-exclusive brew and Hammerheart merch for sale.



and ourselves. Check out the flier below. This is going to be quite the event..

Monday, September 1, 2014

"Believe in No Coming Shore" Digi CD version up for pre-order!

Pre-orders are now being taken for the digi-CD version of "Believe in No Coming Shore." All pre-orders come with a screen printed logo patch. Official release date is October 1st barring any unforeseen delays. LP version pre-orders will be announced in the near future. Thank you all so much for your patience and constant support.

Orders can be placed below:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Ancestors of Smoke" debut + East Coast tour dates

Next week we embark on a brief East Coast tour. A couple dates will likely be added (last minute) but these are confirmed:

8/19: Space Gallery, Portland, ME w/ Butcher Boy, Ramlord, and Feral
8/20: Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA w/ Sadgiqacea, Haethen
and Wolfcloak
8/21: Odditorium, Asheville, NC w/Shadow of the Destroyer and Everything Went Black
8/23: Southern Darkness Fest, Tampa, FL
8/27: Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY w/ Obsidian Tongue and Oneirogen

Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion have debuted "Ancestors of Smoke" from the upcoming "Believe in No Coming Shore" CD/LP. Check it out below.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Believe in No Coming Shore" to be released this Summer.

Our new record, "Believe in No Coming Shore" is mastered and due to be released via Bindrune Recordings in North America and Nordvis in Europe. The tracklist is as follows:

-Blue Misshapen Dusk
-Ancestors of Shadow
-Ancestors of Smoke
-Waxen Voices
-Spectral Eyes
-Believe in No Coming Shore

Artwork is being finalized and pre-orders will surface in the near future. Also be on the lookout for a handful of tour dates down the East Coast on our way to (and from) the Southern Darkness Festival in Tampa, Florida on August 23rd.

More info to come.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Panopticon / Falls of Rauros split LP lyrics

For those with any interest here are the lyrics accompanying our half of the Panopticon split LP. They are also printed on the LP insert for those who have received their copy in the mail.


We have thrived in
places not fit for life nor the living
We will carry on
bringing our curse where we wish
the death of significance
Worship oversight
Fabricate answers to volatile questions
Shelter your gains and show to them reverence
This is the world we preserve
This is how we would have it

I can not find any beauty
in our sightless ambitions
I am through with forgiveness
for our unseeing
I will not feel any sorrow
by the crumbling of towers
raised from the earth in arrogance
Cleaving the welkin
Piercing the heavens 

When we've choked our convictions
and we've acknowledged with certainty
that vacant and quickening darkness
living in all human hearts

When at last it's unbearable
and no contrivance can remedy
on that day you'll have to shed your old skin
take what you need and depart

I will leave this place
I will leave this harrowing place for another
I will not be returning

Alone now
in the purity of isolation
my breath a thin smoke on the air
Flickering shadows dance across my few belongings
May your only truths betray you
May your fires die


O light of day
descending flames
though night shall fall
the stars will grace us

And their gleaming will
illuminate the path
whichever we should take
A broken people can't mend
their wounds alone
Brilliant and sustaining
bathe us in your glow

For this soil gives
more than we shall ever give
We have chosen not to
And these roots know more
than we shall ever know
We have chosen not to
And the wind shall sweep away
the falsehoods
of our histories

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Panopticon / Falls of Rauros split LP up for pre-order.

Pre-orders for the PANOPTICON / Falls of Rauros split LP are now being taken! There are currently 2 color options available. Head to the Eihwaz web-shop to order:

16+ minute teaser:

A thorough write-up from Bindrune Recordings:
New material from Panopticon and Falls of Rauros, 2 of the US’s most prominent and prolific black/forest/heathen metal bands, will be unleashed by Bindrune in the form of a split 12”. Limited to 500 copies (with a download card), this split features exclusive to vinyl only material that was inspired by both bands time spent together in Norway.

Track listing:
Falls of Rauros side
-Unavailing 11:53
-The Purity of Isolation 6:45

Panopticon side
-Through Mountains I Wander This Evening 4:33
-Can you Loan me a Raven? 7:29
-Gods of Flame 4:26
-One Cold Night 7:56

Panopticon: The mountains, landscapes, and memories of living and studying in Norway have crept into Austin/Panopticon’s ever evolving and vital sound to embody more of a stripped down and dark Norwegian BM influenced atmosphere for this release which harkens back to Panopticon’s more aggressive and raw S/T album. This is in no way indicative of the genre bending and highly evolved impending full-length, Roads to the North, in which Austin has pulled out all the stops to create his most personal and technically amazing material yet that finds melodic death metal elements entering an already rich color pallet of sound. The 4 songs on this split embrace the pure essence and influence of the 90′s Norwegian black metal movement in all of its driving, chilling and endlessly atmospheric grimness. Panopticon is passion for creating music in all it’s empowering forms, to arrive at something pure and with deep meaning. It’s hard not to be overtaken by the strength and conviction of this material as it sparks at the air like a live wire…

Falls of Rauros: For their side of this split, Falls of Rauros embrace more of a noticeable evolution that opens up with expansive musical exploration. Such an exciting growth musically has become further realized on the bands upcoming, awe-inspiring 4th full-length album, “Believe in No Coming Shore”. While maintaining a ferocity that was felt on “The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood”, Falls of Rauros skillfully reach outward with free flowing and at times tranquil guitar work that truly brings even more life in to co-exist within their already impressive songwriting skills. Falls achieve evolution without forsaking their past. The result is endlessly vibrant and fulfilling to the core as only this band can be. Unavailing and The Purity of Isolation were both recorded by the band and stand to introduce the listener to the amazing musical works that will be coming from them in several months time. Trust us friends… it is well worth the wait…

This unique sense of self and overall vision set forth by both musical entities is a refreshing breath of fresh air as black metal as a whole struggles with it’s worldwide popularity and fleeting muse.