Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"All That Howling Fog"

For those who would like to know the concept behind "All That Howling Fog" here are the accompanying lyrics, written while somewhere between spitting rage and a hopeless positivity.


ever you seek to rein in
wild abandon and the spirit of the untamed
i am taking every measure
to fill my lungs with quiet; rare and free
whispering.. there are voices upon the air
calling to us in a language we've forgotten
all ears tuned to the humming of industry
and by its gallop we'll be haunted

not with the birthing of ideals will we be faultless
nor in the carving of symbols will we ascend

not with the birthing of ideals, not in the carving of symbols
we have created a state of endless hunger
it is the nurturing of illness
it is the blurring of wildness and chaos
the embodiment of alienation
a blatant monument to selfishness
it can not go on like this; it can not last
and everything will vanish in its wake

as our shadows are wreathed in a dimness
growing more vague, growing thinner
clouded and distant
and the last of hope fades into a black smoke of decay

take what's held dear
silence its thunder
dampen the breadth of its essence
to subsiding color
take what you hold dear
bury its flame
under the yawning grey ashes
wielding your sorrow